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Outsource your next transition to the experts.

At Padua, we project manage your transitions to optimise your performance and minimise your risk. Our team, backed by proprietary software, create customised solutions to ensure a smooth and efficient process – helping you reach your future state, faster.

Is your financial advice firm:

  • Changing platforms?

    Moving to a new platform or consolidating platforms.

  • Switching investments?

    Switching to a new investment strategy or structure.

  • Buying a book?

    Acquiring a client book & bringing them onto your preferred platform.

  • Selling a book?

    Looking to maximise your business prior to sale.

How it works

1. Engage firm

Padua Compare is a point-of-sale tool that instantly highlights the fee & feature benefits of transitioning to your platform & investments.

2. Engage Padua

Our dedicated team will highlight the benefits of our transition partnership, confirm service levels & pricing, and highlight next steps.

3. Client book analysis - Ready

Client book analysis gives the advice firm a detailed view of their client base, and the confidence to know they are transition ready!

4. Client segmentation – Set

The advice firm can segment clients based on preferences, establish the timeline and how they will engage clients. The transition is set!

5. Transition implementation - Go

Padua now produces the transition pack including the SOA, transfer authority and other transition documents, with tracking in real-time.

6. CRM integration

The advice firm uploads the transition pack back to their CRM, or Padua can push back to our CRM integration partners – including Xplan.

The value your advice creates is the new measure of quality.

Your clients deserve value-creating advice

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