Ready, Set, Go

Padua's Ready, Set, Go service takes the hassle out of transitioning your clients' investments, consolidating platforms, and purchasing or selling a book.
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We make moving money easy.

Our expert team will project manage the entire process for you, producing your transition pack (SoA, Applications, etc.) quickly and cost-effectively.

1. Ready (Analysis)

Book Analysis provides a detailed view of your client base, preparing for platform transitions.
We analyse large multi-platform data in 10-20 days.
Receive insights into platform transition likelihood and effectiveness.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

2. Set (Engagement)

Clear client segmentation and engagement.
Client data exceptions identified.
Your clients segmented by FUM, Adviser, Platform, Advice Type, number of products.

3. Go (Implementation)

Padua produce the transition pack including the SoA, transfer authority, in-specie & other transition documents.
Real-time tracking.
We can complete a transition of any size.
Dashboard mockup