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Our premium paraplanning service provides high-quality, compliant advice backed by a rigorous 3-stage review process.

The Padua difference.

Dedicated team of experts

Dedicated team
of experts

Our experienced Quality Assurance Managers and Paraplanners will support your business.

Fast & consistent turnaround

Fast & Consistent turnaround

Our tech-driven process creates advice documents 10 times faster than industry averages.

Comprehensive & compliant

Comprehensive & compliant

Our 3-step review process ensures your advice documents are compliant and thoroughly vetted.

Strategically technical


We'll challenge you technically to ensure you get the best outcome for your clients.

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We integrate with Xplan

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Transition Management

Padua make moving money easy.. When consolidating platforms, switching investments or purchasing/selling a book, we remove the headache of practices completing this on their own.

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Want to know how it works?

1. Engage Firm

Padua Compare is a point-of-sale tool that instantly highlights the fee & feature benefits of transitioning to your platform & investments.

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2. Engage Padua

Our dedicated team will highlight the benefits of our transition partnership, confirm service levels & pricing, and highlight next steps.

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3. Ready (Analysis)

Client book analysis gives the advice firm a detailed view of their client base, and the confidence to know they are transition ready!

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4. Set (Segmentation)

The advice firm can segment clients based on preferences, establish the timeline and how they will engage clients. The transition is set!

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5. Go (Implementation)

Padua now produces the transition pack including the SOA, transfer authority and other transition documents, with tracking in real-time.

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6. CRM Integration

The advice firm uploads the transition pack back to their CRM, or Padua can push back to our CRM integration partners – including Xplan.

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“The Padua staff are professional, friendly and always available to make the document production process as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Invest Blue wholeheartedly recommends Padua Solutions to any other financial planning businesses looking for exceptional, precise and prompt advice document production services.”

Nick Stannard
Head of Advice & Compliance

“Padua met every commitment that Matthew made, but what really impressed us was that our Advisers were being tested technically and strategically by the skill of Paduas Paraplanners. The SOAs along with the actual advice we were able to provide to our clients was enhanced.”

Jason Harwood
Director | CEO