Padua is a fintech firm providing SaaS and tech-enabled services to financial advisers.

Padua connects financial advisers with highly skilled human resources and intelligent, proprietary technology.

Let's start at the beginning

Our story

Padua was founded in 2013 by co-founders Matt and Anne-Marie Esler, a brother and sister team.

We’ve been asked where the name comes from. We named Padua in honour of our brother Anthony's legacy. St Anthony came from Padua, a beautiful city in the north of Italy. We like it because we want our business to feel like a family, and just like our decision to keep our Head Office in Kiama, it shows we’re proud of our roots.

We created Padua to provide services and software that financial advisers can use. From discovery, to comparison, from recommendation to review, our services and software cover the full gamut of financial advice.

Padua software aims to solve four key financial advice industry problems.

  • Time

  • Cost

  • Quality

  • Trust

Our software is a game-changer

The Royal Commission into financial advice has rightly implemented additional compliance requirements to prevent bad practices that some advice providers were using. These extra requirements make the preparation of advice take much longer, and in many cases, barely profitable.

By loading all the product and strategy options into the system, we've automated the hard work of financial advice production and can deliver a compliant advice document within minutes.

The advice is better

This is important because ASIC has rated only 3% of advice generated as being of good quality, which is a terrible outcome for Australians. By ticking the compliance boxes more easily, advisers can really work on meeting their clients' objectives and finding them the outcomes that are in their best interests.

Our software is intuitive and visual so advisers can easily show their clients numerous options, along with the impacts over time of their investment choices. Better still, it shows their clients how much value their adviser has generated for them - they can see the value that has been created.

The value your advice creates is the new measure of quality.

Your clients deserve value-creating advice.

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